Our Management Practices

KTW Construction Inc.’s philosophy on completing projects on time and on budget starts at the tender stage. The owner Dan Andreassen has been general contracting for over 20 years and in this time has developed relationships with subtrades that work together on projects. KTW Construction Inc. obtains quotes from trades that are used to working together and thoroughly examines bids to ensure that there are no “holes” in the lump sum price.

Once awarded a contract KTW Construction Inc. uses Microsoft Project as a tool to schedule the project. All trades are given a schedule and asked to comment on areas of any concern. Shop drawings and long delivery items are given high priority and if issues are foreseen there is a plan implemented to work around the issues in hand. During construction KTW Construction Inc. insures the owner and consultants are always informed of any issues that will cause delays beyond the control of the general contractor or its subtrades. There are always things that can be done to help improve schedule. KTW Construction Inc. pays close attention to work on site by frequent site visits from project manager and hiring skilled superintendents that pay attention to detail. If it is not good enough for our company it’s not good enough for the owner. If subtrades work does not meet our standards they are asked to remedy at no cost to owner. After project is complete KTW Construction Inc. ensures that trades look after any issues that may arise, usually there are few issues as the work has been done correctly the first time. The work that does require a call back is corrected promptly and done to accommodate the owner’s schedule.
Our Services

KTW Construction Inc. offers the following:

• Estimating
• Project Management
• Budgeting
• Obtaining Building Permits
• Renovations (Commercial / Residential)
• New Construction (Commercial / Residential)
• Tenant Improvement
• Consulting
• Construction Management
• Building Envelope Upgrades